Sincere Interiors

In my house there are many halftones, and reigns - blue. Glasses are crystal, and walls are stripped in some places - concrete.

In my house a lot of light, dark parquet and linearity. There is irony in it, but it's done all right, without ridicule.

He's out of fashion, he's mine! What kind of interior do you dream of? Tell me when you meet!


  Natalia Eremenko

  Head of Naer interiors




Our Philosophy


Interior design is our conscious choice, what we know and how we develop again and again.
We provide a full range of services in the design of residential and public spaces.

The main goal is not only the creation of an interesting project, but also its full implementation.

Our customer is the one who knows what he wants, he always wants the best and is open to the new.

Naer - those who know how to make the workflow harmonious and understandable for the customer.

We create for you an individual, comfortable interior beyond time!

Apartment for her
Apartment for her
decoration of the table
decoration of the table
table concrete + metal
concrete + metal [ожидает перевода]
children's buffet
children's buffet [ожидает перевода]
curbstone asia
furniture [ожидает перевода]
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